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New, AI-powered Notion Projects: Manage projects from ideation to execution

By Michael Manapat

Chief Product & Tech Officer, Notion

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Projects are how we build. And how we build is changing.

The old way of project management is fragmented. We used standalone project management tools that reduced our projects to a list of tasks. But a project is never really a task list. It’s strategy docs, proposals, roadmaps, meetings, briefs, notes — all of which often live in different apps. The old way of running projects puts the onus on the individual to unite all pieces of a project, and doesn’t even consider how AI can help do it.

Now there’s the new and improved Notion Projects, a connected tool supporting the full project workflow, and the first project management solution to make AI generally available to every single user on day one.

In Notion, teams can plan, manage, and execute every part of a project in one place. Strategy docs are connected to project plans. Meeting notes are linked to relevant deliverables. AI automates many of the tasks at each step in a project lifecycle, providing the updates, action items, and summaries that move teams forward.

It’s all connected and customizable — how projects should be managed.

A new project workflow brings speed and clarity

Millions of people already use Notion for various aspects of their projects and rate it as a leading project management tool. So, what’s new?

We’ve introduced upgraded project templates and setup flows with new project-specific features, giving teams more out-of-the-box functionality they need to manage a project from beginning to end. And no matter the size of your project or the methodology you use, Notion’s building-block architecture makes it easy to adapt to how you and your teams work.

Here’s what you can expect in the new Notion Projects experience:

  • AI Autofill, a first of its kind: Combine the time-saving efficiencies of Notion AI with the size and scale of databases. Generate summaries, meeting follow-ups, project updates and more — across every property of your project.

  • New essential features: New unique IDs for every task, better project templates and project setup, new page-level and property notifications, subtasks and dependencies improvements, the ability to preview Google Drive files and Figma designs within project databases, and a new “my tasks” tab to see all your work (coming soon). Learn more →

  • Sprint plans, upgraded and streamlined: New sprint templates and sprint completion workflow (beta), and GitHub integrations enable improved task and issue tracking for product and engineering teams. Learn more →

  • Automations, with more coming: New Buttons have already helped automate manual tasks, and a revamped Slack integration helps teams stay informed as things change. Coming soon are more project workflow automations, like automatic actions on task status changes. Learn more →

  • Importers to get started today: A new Asana importer is now available, and expect others to follow. Learn more →

  • New learning materials to guide implementation: The new “Getting started with Notion Projects” course covers everything you need to know to use these new features and manage projects in Notion. Start learning →

Now you have all the project management essentials with the flexibility, AI, and connected tools that make Notion unique. The result is not just better project management, but reimagining projects from a disjointed, painful experience to one streamlined, delightful workflow.

Accelerate with AI, from ideation to execution

AI’s greatest power today is its practical ability to help people do their daily jobs faster and better. With Notion, you have both a top AI writing assistant and the first project management solution with AI.

Joining a long list of AI capabilities is a new feature called AI Autofill. It automatically extracts the information teams need — like action items, key risks, or summaries — then, keeps that information updated as projects progress. It’s here now and enabled within Notion for every user.

Notion AI augments and automates the tedious, everyday actions required to keep a project moving forward at each point in its lifecycle.

The surface area Notion AI supports will continue to rapidly expand throughout the year and beyond, and we’re excited to share it with you.

Building the future of project management with AI

The future of project management is connected. Notion Projects ushers in this new era by connecting project tools and information in a single place, and uniting it with AI. What was once siloed is now integrated and frictionless, with AI there to assist in all project work — automating workflows, providing more useful AI outputs that leverage the content of your workspace, and learning from others who have adopted AI.

This doesn’t just save you time spent context-switching or finding info or updating teammates — it changes how you work.

Get started with Notion Projects today.

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